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Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability coverage insurance (also known as errors and omissions) protects your business — and your personal assets — from damages from claims alleging misrepresentation, breach of contract or wrongful business practices.

Professional liability policy covers many of the gaps a general liability or business operator policy leave open. If, in the course of your work, you:

  • Position yourself as an expert or make recommendations
  • Design or manufacture custom component parts
  • Provide solutions that represent the interests of your clients

Let’s work together to assess your professional liability exposures and tailor a policy to cover your unique risks.

What does professional liability insurance cover?

It covers many expenses usually not provided for by your general liability policy, including:
  • Experts to guide you through the investigation, negotiation and litigation processes
  • Legal fees incurred while defending yourself and your business
  • Settlements and judgments against your business

It’s not all about you.

32% of business owners fall victim to professional liability lawsuits because of third-party relationships.
Be sure to carefully evaluate all contractors, subcontractors and vendors before you hire them.
See how we can help.
See how we can help

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all professional liability policy.

Each industry and market has its own unique risks, exposures and potential coverage gaps. When you engage a broker, ensure that they follow these four best practices:
Your policy should be unique to your professional service

Look for a broker who specializes in your professional service. Be wary of those who don’t complete a thorough analysis of your services and potential exposures prior to quoting policy limits.

Your policy should be as broad as possible

Narrow exclusions could overlap with your greatest exposures. Make sure your core business functions aren’t excluded.

Your policy should correctly identify all the professional services you offer

The policy’s definition of professional services should include everything you do — otherwise you may face coverage denials.

Your policy should take into account your entire suite of coverage

When all your policies line up together, gaps in coverage will be minimized.


Let’s assess your professional liability exposures.

Together, we can develop a strategy and tailor a policy to protect you from potentially devastating professional liability claims.

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